LinguaSkin ®

Our flagship product, LinguaSkin provides a quick, easy and cost-effective way to create a multilingual interface for monolingual web applications and sites.

  • Real time localisation – quick, easy and cost-effective
  • Unlimited languages – adding languages is easy
  • Non-invasive – no changes to the target application/site
  • Online management toolset – for content and deployment management
  • Transparent – the end-user sees a fully multilingual interface
  • Works for all applications – third party, hosted/SaaS, all platforms
  • Multiple applications – unify look/feel and standardise add-on features
  • Benefits beyond language – compliance, accessibility and other real time transformations
  • Language management – languages easily added, translation tool integration
  • Language selection – inserts selector, manages session, tracks language use

Visit our LinguaSkin product site for more information.